Wednesday, October 27, 2021



Y'all this was one for the books! lol
All I wanted was the orange hatted gnome.
Went to four local Aldis and only one had gnomes and it wasn't Mr. Orange but I grabbed a consolation gnome just in case lol
Then I got a tip that the Latrobe Aldi had some so I hightailed it up there and there was only one left, still not Mr. Orange, but I grabbed him and a hedgehog with a bowtie for good luck.
Was on my way to the Garfield Aldi (no gnomes!) and Paula said she just saw some at McKees Rocks and they had Mr. Orange! I asked her to pretty please grab him (and the cute lil purple wizard one too-why not!?! lol) because there was no way I would get there before he was sold because I was coming from Latrobe! Thankfully, she graciously grabbed those two and PMed me her address, I PMed her backand I was on my way!
I get to the address and went to message her that I was there and noticed that my previous message said: "I don't know where McKees Rocks is but God said I should be there in 20 minutes"
Oh my lort she must think I'm some kinda nut that I think God tells me how far away things are!!!?!?! lol so I responded:"Umm not God *GPS lol what is wrong with autocorrect altho God is kinda like GPS lol"
Mercifully she gave me the benefit of the doubt I wasn't a whackadoo and still met me for the handoff! lol
I present to you:
Harry Potter, Mr. Orange, Gnome Chomsky, Mr. Purple, Beau Tie lol

To recap my day:
  • 122 Miles
  • 7 Aldis
  • 6 hours
  • 4 gnomes
  • 1 hedgehog
  • 1/2 tank of gas
    = totes worth it lol

Thanks again Paula for going above and beyond for your fellow Yinzer!!

And now I'm totes dead and going to bed 😂

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