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 Howdy!  So you like what we have going on here, and we are thrilled to hear it!

You ask, "How can we help you to be able to create more awesome stuff?!?!?!"

"Aaaawww shucks, that is so sweet of you!" we say as we shyly look down and make little circles in the dirt with our toe.

Well, we have a couple options for ya : ) so check em out!


You like to buy stuff you say?  Well, we love to sell stuff!  
This is great!  Click on "Shop Our Merch" to be whisked away to our shop on Threadless, where you can by all kinds o' stuff!  Also, when you buy stuff from our shop, you also help amazing nonprofits too, as we give away a percentage of ALL OUR MERCH!! : )

Shop Our Merch!

You're thinking, "hey your merch seems nice enough; however, I am not materialist, and I would rather just give you some money for some exclusive content!"  Well, we love when people just give us money to read our nonsense...we mean exclusive content!!  
This is great too!  Click on "Give Us Money" to be whisked away to our Patreon where you can give us some shekels!

We love buying stuff and we love giving out money!
This is great as well!  So go back up and Click on "Shop Our Merch" and "Give Us Money" so we can create even more fun stuff for ya : )

Seriously though...whatever option you choose, please know that we really appreciate it!

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