Monday, November 29, 2021


Don't let yours fall victim like Sheila did last year : (

RIP Sheila G. Zebo 06.03.20-12.17.20

After a valiant struggle, Sheila (of Pittsburgh) died peacefully in her sleep of SNOVID, surrounded by her family, who lovingly referred to her as SheZebo. She weathered many storms in her short life, and is survived by her partner Al Di Grill, and numerous ottoman, rugs and other outdoor patio items.

While she was struck down much too soon and still in her prime, she provided countless hours of comfort both day and night to her family during the pandemic. Family fondly remembers the hours spent in her shade, while floating in their Aldi pool listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.
Viewing hours are between dawn and dusk, and a service will be held Saturday 12.19.20, when she will be sent to her final resting place in the recycling bin.
In lieu of flowers, please send Aldi Peanut Butter Cups-they were her favorite.
For the Ham Fans lol:
Sheila did not give away her shot to keep us all satisfied, and she was non-stop. When I saw her collapsed, the world turned upside down, I felt helpless and I asked myself what did I miss? I screamed stay alive! I should have told her to meet me inside and that would have been enough, and now I'm so blue. I should not have said no to this as our deck was the room where it happened. She was our right hand man and like a hurricane she had blown us all away. We know you were our obedient servant, best of gazebos and best of women. If we take a break, then wait for it-she'll be back! Sheila, history has its eyes on you and what comes next. We thought the world was wide enough and that we had more time with you. Raise a glass to Sheila, who taught us how to say goodbye. We will tell your story.

While Sheila could never be replaced, we are happy to report that in May 2021 we adopted her cousin Sheena lol

Wednesday, November 17, 2021



My store had a nice smattering of advent calendar stuff left if anybody is still looking.

I really really wanted the Elf one but couldn't justify $30 considering it doesn't even have candy in it lol

The Star Wars one was super cute cuz it had The Mandalorian in a scarf, and Baby Yoda in a Christmas sweater lol

Nonetheless, I only bought groceries not one single thing from the AOS lol I did get the Elf creamer.
I don't normally use flavored creamers because I get a bit heavy handed with them and my doctor will kill me for drinking that much sugar first thing in the morning; however, I know a mom who is collecting creamer lids because they are her autistic son's favorite thing so who am I to say no to helping with that?! lol

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

WEDNESDAYS WITH ALDI: Coffee Edition lol

Well today was completely uneventful lol I was the only one there at 9 am, the gnome mat I wanted was on top, and after a cursory glance of the AOS, I decided I was done shopping and checked out by 9:10 am 😂 Oh I did pick through all the coffee bottles to find six of the vanilla ones. There's my highlight for the day lol

Was anybody's Wednesday Morning With Aldi more exciting than mine? lol😂🤣

Wednesday, November 3, 2021



This week was rather tame despite the potential Advent Calendar frenzy lol I was late to my local store...meaning I arrived at 9:10 am lol I was able to snag one of the Gnome Advent Calendars-yah! Even got some food lol

I *heart* the Thanksgiving ravioli! I make it with a side of stuffing-just back the carb truck up 😂 I snagged two for the heck of it : ) What's the deal with no vanilla coffee though? For weeks now they've only had the Mocha flavor, which is okay, and Coffee flavored-I mean who wants to drink coffee flavored coffee? lol I hope this doesn't mean they are discontinuing the vanilla which is the best one-IMHO. Has anybody seen the vanilla at their stores?