Wednesday, December 15, 2021



The mission was simple, get a Salt n Peppa shaker set for a Christmas present, a couple items for dinners this week, and some jeggings to see if I could shoehorn myself into 'em lol 🤣  

I set off today armed with a *small* shopping list and a $5 off coupon, so today was gonna be an inexpensive day.

I saw the jeggings and snagged a couple pair in my size.  I lamented that the other colors did *not* come in my size; however, I was determined to make it happen so I snagged a couple of those too lol (Note previous purchase: Aldi Christmas Tree Truck comforter! lol)

I quickly ran down the Aldi Finds aisle bc I knew there was tooooooooooooooooons of cute stuff, and I especially have a weakness for gnomes.  I was on the hunt for weeks for the Aldi gnome porch sign when I saw people buying it in another Aldi group, and my Aldis didn't have them.  I searched for weeks and weeks and finally gave up all hope.  And welp, the very last item in the aisle was that very same gnome porch sign that I had hunted for.  He decided to jump in my cart, and I wasn't going to be rude and kick him out lol

In my search for a Raspberry Kringle (to no avail : ( might I add) I came across these monstrous croissants (DVD for scale lol) and decided these were a must have consolation prize.

All of my Aldis (6 within a 10 mile radius lol) have been out of whipped cream cheese for MONTHS and I subsist on this stuff.  This may explain why I need the largest sized jeggings but I I did what any whipped cream cheese loving girl would do and snatched me a months worth! lol  I also nabbed some Egg Nog, cuz I was feeling festive and whatnot lol

Sooooo my inexpensive day with the short shopping list and a $5 coupon didn't understand the assignment lol However, I did say no to sooooooo many other gnome items and did come in under $100 so I'm gonna count that as a win in my book : )

Thanks Aldi for all the fun and deliciousness!

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Friday, December 3, 2021


So I really really wanted the Star Wars adult PJs in XL & 2XL

I went to the first Aldi and they only had Christmas Vacation in larger sizes so I grabbed an XL, and then one of those cute ceramic gnome lights, and the Christmas car sheets!  Then I saw the "secret items" not on the Aldi website: the gnome holiday sign and a gnome tin!  Didn't even know what was in the tin but I grabbed it anyway!  I figured it had popcorn in it, and I was just gonna make the Hubster eat it lol

Went to the second store, same thing no XL or 2XL SW jammies *however* they did have the ladies gnome jammies (another secret item!) so I grabbed those! lol
Third store didn't have ANY Star Wars jammies or anything I actually wanted so I kept on trucking lol

The fourth store didn't have SW in XL or 2XL so I grabbed a L out of desperation and hoped it was generous in size.  Also I decided how many times can a person say no to the cute gnome blanket, and apparently four was not the number so I grabbed one of those too lol 

Fifth store, no XL or 2XL and then I realized that at the first Aldi I had actually grabbed the Christmas Vacation jammies in 2XL by mistake so I grabbed them in a XL.   I also grabbed groceries because I was running out of stores to go to and frankly at this point I didn't even remember what I was hunting for anymore lol 

I get home and post to the Yinzer Aldi group and asked if anybody saw the SW jammies in XL or 2XL only to find out they only went up to size L to begin with lol  

The whole time I felt like Hansel and Gretel because each store had one more thing I was looking for...or ended up needing lol 🤣😆

I'm still super bummed I didn't find larger sized Star Wars jammies; however,  I was able to score some on Kohl's website for a small fortune-at least twice as much as Aldi's price!  Oh well, they're cute and hopefully comfy lol