Thursday, October 21, 2021


 So I bought some of those cute fridge organizer trays yesterday.

Today I figured I'd put some things in them and go about my day.  I was gonna have one of those "get $h!t done days" that I always hear people talking about.

But then I looked at my fridge with everything akimbo and no rhyme or reason to it and thought "this must be what the fridge of a psychopath looks like."  So I started organizing a little.

I figured since I'm organizing I might as well clean a little too.

I threw a couple things away that were past their prime.

I wiped down the shelves.

While I'm at it I might as well pull the shelves out for a more thorough clean.

Y'all two hours in I got this thing down to the bare bones! I removed every piece I could figure out how to take out! 

I'm cleaning crevices that I didn't even know existed.

I got parts soaking, parts in the dishwasher.

My kitchen looks like the fridge exploded with its parts everywhere!

  Even Richard Pryor got involved.

I swear I saw God at one point this was such a spiritual experience-I felt this cleaning in my soul!! 

I rethought the entire way I was organizing my refrigerator all my life was all wrong and realized I needed more containers!  Funny, considering yesterday morning I didn't even know I needed any containers, and now I don't have enough!

I went to my closest Aldi (a mile away lol), and they only had the small ones left.  

I drove to my next Aldi (another mile away lol) and they had one of the larger bins left so I snapped that puppy up and treated myself with some Pumpkin Spice Special K-wth you only live once! lol

I had to go into town so I figured I'd stop at their Aldi-and they had three large bins left so I snagged those too. And rewarded myself with some Pumpkin Spice donuts for my trouble lol  

 At this point I thought "you know what!  You need the egg holder too bc that way you can always tell at a glance how many eggs you have because it is clear!" Even though this morning I thought the idea of transferring eggs from the perfectly fine container they come in, to another container was stupid but the Aldi magic had its hooks in me and wasn't letting go until I had that egg holder and of course this store didn't have any!

So back towards home I stopped at my first local Aldi because I remembered they had egg bins from my earlier trip, and I figured now that I had a clean and organized fridge, maybe I should get some respectable groceries for it too.  Also, because do I want to be remembered as the weird lady who stopped in twice in one day just to buy fridge organizers?!?

Thankfully, once I was home the Aldi spell was broken and I came back to my senses that no, in fact I did NOT need a fancy clear bin to put my eggs in even if it was cute, so that bin will be released back into the wild when I visit Aldi again.

Welp, this is it y'all.  This is what took up the better part of my day lol

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