Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Sweater Weather vs Sweat-er Weather

I never understood the concept of "sweater weather" bc I was always was more like sweat-er weather bc I was sweating! lol I gave away all my sweaters years ago bc I was like "there will never be a time where I can wear a sweater and not be an actual sweat-er...I mean even long sleeves were out of the question 😂 And now I'm old and it's 65 degrees and I'm freezing and I can totes go for a sweater right now but my cat is laying on it and I feel too bad moving him so I guess I'll just hafta suffer until he moves...which is never bc he is a master napper who can nap up to and including 23 hours a day. 😂😂 #sweaterweather #SendHelp

Friday, September 8, 2023

The Trash Has Eyes

I wonder if this would work on the Hubster?  In the fair split of household chores, emptying the garbage falls in his category.  He is famous for when the garbage is full to smash it does he think it goes somewhere if he does that?!  And if so, where?!?! Because that is a place I would like to actively avoid!! lol