Wednesday, June 2, 2021

You Know You Got A Problem When...

 So I may or may not run an Aldi group lol

And one week I may have went on vacation, and this conversation might have transpired when I didn't immediately answer lol


Nici u been out yet?? Lol what’s our stores have?

Has she not replied?!?
Could she have grabbed the last fire table as someone else was grabbing it, which would instantly trigger her fight or flight response so she ended up brawling in the AOS and has since been arrested for battery?!?  I’m starting that rumor right now....and until we hear back, i have to assume she’s down the ACJ!!!     

I totally believe this rumor could be true!! 


The way I just giggled.  Nici you ok girl you in danger???

lol y'all are toooo much and have quite vivid imaginations!! lol 
Thanks for all the love and concern  We actually went up to Erie for a few days and guess where we were at 830 this morning? U guessed it-waiting outside Aldi lol  Second in line, and grabbed the last of only two fire tables!!  the Hubster is into it now y'all!! As we wheeled our find out the store he jokingly said "later bitches, we got the table" 

Boring....😴.  I’ll finish the story for you..
“Hubster said, later bitches, we got the table and you didn’t, and if any of you have a problem with that, my wife will be waiting to throw hands....”
The end.

lolol  I can see that version happening too lol

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