Wednesday, May 11, 2022

WEDNESDAYS WITH ALDI! Self-driving Car Edition lol

Today I had *no* intention of going to Aldi.  There was nothing in the Aldi Finds that was calling my name so I went out to run some other errands instead.  On the way to the first errand, allofasudden I realize I'm turning into the Aldi parking lot!  What sorcery is this?!?!  I decided whilst I'm here, I might as well see if there are any secret items that I might need afterall lol

Well, there was a super cute gnome solar lamp that I did say no to this; however, as I type this, I deeply regret such a brazen show of willpower! lol 

 I did procure a Macrame kit from last week, and some Sun Lamps 50% off so as fate would have it, I ended up needing something after all! lol

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