Wednesday, May 4, 2022


I really didn't *need* anything this week; however, I wanted to check out and see if the "Red Hot Deals" that were rumored to be happening today were in our area too. I didn't really see that much marked down, in fact I saw something *marked up!* lol I guess the outdoor rugs came in early, and they had the same price tag on them as the indoor rugs. I let the associate know that there was no way those rugs were $40 as they were only $15 last year (I should know I bought four of em
😂). At first she said the price was correct...I mean she may work there, but I *breathe* Aldi lol She then checked and they were only $20. I wanted to replace one from last year; however, I wasn't willing to pay $20 for one either so I hope if we do end up getting the "Great Clearance" that the rugs are part of it

They still had a lot of spring gnomes left. I touched one but was able to "say no to this" lol (Yeah, Im'ma quote Hamilton forever, and ever, and ever!!! lol See, just did it again lol)

After leaving the Aldi Find aisle a little sad for being emptyhanded I grabbed some groceries. As I was checking out I thought "Wow, shopping at Aldi *is* cheaper...if you stay away from the AF aisle" 😂😂😂

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