Wednesday, December 15, 2021



The mission was simple, get a Salt n Peppa shaker set for a Christmas present, a couple items for dinners this week, and some jeggings to see if I could shoehorn myself into 'em lol 🤣  

I set off today armed with a *small* shopping list and a $5 off coupon, so today was gonna be an inexpensive day.

I saw the jeggings and snagged a couple pair in my size.  I lamented that the other colors did *not* come in my size; however, I was determined to make it happen so I snagged a couple of those too lol (Note previous purchase: Aldi Christmas Tree Truck comforter! lol)

I quickly ran down the Aldi Finds aisle bc I knew there was tooooooooooooooooons of cute stuff, and I especially have a weakness for gnomes.  I was on the hunt for weeks for the Aldi gnome porch sign when I saw people buying it in another Aldi group, and my Aldis didn't have them.  I searched for weeks and weeks and finally gave up all hope.  And welp, the very last item in the aisle was that very same gnome porch sign that I had hunted for.  He decided to jump in my cart, and I wasn't going to be rude and kick him out lol

In my search for a Raspberry Kringle (to no avail : ( might I add) I came across these monstrous croissants (DVD for scale lol) and decided these were a must have consolation prize.

All of my Aldis (6 within a 10 mile radius lol) have been out of whipped cream cheese for MONTHS and I subsist on this stuff.  This may explain why I need the largest sized jeggings but I I did what any whipped cream cheese loving girl would do and snatched me a months worth! lol  I also nabbed some Egg Nog, cuz I was feeling festive and whatnot lol

Sooooo my inexpensive day with the short shopping list and a $5 coupon didn't understand the assignment lol However, I did say no to sooooooo many other gnome items and did come in under $100 so I'm gonna count that as a win in my book : )

Thanks Aldi for all the fun and deliciousness!

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