Monday, August 23, 2021

Meet Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

They are my Aldi Christmas succulents.

  With names like that, you'd think that if they can withstand fire, they can withstand living in our house.

Cut to I just came back from a three week vacation where I left specific watering instructions for The Hubster.  By specific, I mean last minute at the airport as he was dropping me off "oh, water the plants."  Now they look like they went through an actual fire lol 

Keep in mind that The Hubster is the guy who gives lasts rites when I put plants in our shopping cart.
Truth is, that before I left I had still been watering them; however, I wasn't really sure if they were still alive lol  But they were at least still green-ish when I was watering them!  Now Shadrach and Abednego are complete toast.  
Meshach has possibilities...who am I kidding...if he has any hope at survival I need to get him a foster home STAT lol

The truth of the matter is I have committed serial plantslaughter my whole life, and Aldi plants actually hold up longer that most.  I am a whiz though with bouquets!  I can keep a bouquet of dead plants looking alive and beautiful for weeks-and Aldi bouquets I can get away with a month!  And they even die pretty nice so sometimes I just leave em in the vase because Aldi's dead bouquets look better than my living plants lol

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