Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Aldi Fight Club

What in the name of all that is holy was goin on at Aldi this morning?!?!  I showed up at 9 am and the line to get in was like 30 deep!  I figured it was panic buying bc there isn't that much exciting in the ad (my opinion anyway lol)  

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There was nobody in the AOS-which worked for me lol  And I only bought 2 of the chocolate raspberry coffees (you're welcome! 🤣) Altho I did help myself to the Starbucks peppermint mocha too hehehe  

PEOPLE WERE SUPER GRUMPY & MEAN Y'ALL!!  Like just bitching and making snide comments to others.  Some old lady tried to sass me-you don't know me! lol I ain't got time for that nonsense, I kept on trucking. This poor old lady was struggling to pick up something and the guy next to her wouldn't even help her.  I yelled out "M'am do you need help?" and was gonna help her, and *finally* the guy helped her!  Smh.  Like I almost cried how mean people were being to each other-an Aldi employee was even snippy to somebody!!  If that was my first time there, I might have assumed that is the way people are and not want to shop there again.  

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And then when I got home from Aldi, even my cat was a jerk to me-I was washing my hands, and he snuck up behind me and attacked my leg!!   

In his defense, I was singing lol  Ironically, I was singing "Happy Birthday" to him, because when I wash my hands and I sing it to myself I feel self-centered, so I usually sing it to whatever cat is nearby lol

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